How I became a photographer.

This is such a weird story Because I never really started photography with the intentions of making money, it has al

ways been just a hobby and passion for me. I didn’t even know you could make money by taking pretty pictures?

I remember when I found out that photography was a career. It was when I was in ninth grade picking my electives for tenth grade. “Whhhaat! They have photography as an elective? “ “yes! Photography is a career, would you like to sign up for this class?” “Of course.” I still remember how happy my heart was that day. I could learn how to take better pictures during school hours lol. This ended up being a film photography class but it was still so much fun and I am so grateful to say I know how to do both digital and film photography 📷

But prior to this my love for photography had began at age 5. I loved ,loved, loooved going through my moms scrap book album and seeing memories being freezed in a 4x5 square. Seeing pictures of my siblings when they were younger. I loved taking pictures with our disposable camera 📷 and being excited to pick them up with my parents the next day to see how they turned out. Every time my dad would take us the Best Buy I was always drown to the digital cameras in the electronics section. When I was 10 years old I finally got a digital camera of my own. It was a green Kodak camera (still have it to this day) and it was like I was in heaven. I would take pictures of the grass , of the sky , of my mom, of strangers. Do you guys remember that opening scene from Lilo and stitch, where Lilo is just taking a lot of pictures of strangers? That was me as a kid. I always had a camera in hand. I Also would film and document a lot of things as a little kid but this Is another story. ;)

funny thing is, all these years of me loving to take pictures, I never liked getting my picture taken. From a very young age (5 years old to exact) I always hated getting my picture taken. I just thought I was very ugly in every picture and always wondered why I didn’t look the same in the pictures as I did in the mirror?! Why do I look so bad in the pictures?

This led me to study angles and practice taking people’s pictures I just really want to make people feel beautiful when they see their picture Because I know the feeling. So when you book with me just know that I’m probably stalking your page to see what angles you like best.

In senior year of high school (2012-2013) one of my friends had gotten his senior pictures done but didn’t like how they turned out. He asked me if I could take his pictures. I didn’t have a professional camera at the time only a Sony cyber shot but I said sure. Didn’t charge him anything Because for me this was just fun. Once I gave him his pictures he loved them. “Thank you for getting all my good angles, my double chin isn’t showing.” He then uploaded them to Facebook and tagged me. My inbox later became soo full of people asking me to take their senior pictures.

I said yes to handful and didn’t charge them (I didn’t have a professional camera so I felt bad) But they would tip me and with the tips I saved up enough to get my first professional camera. I then got asked to shoot weddings and events & the rest is history.

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