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Marriage is one of the greatest journeys you will ever set out on. It will challenge you to be the best version of yourself and it will also push you to be the best partner for your spouse. My passion for my business comes from my passion for marriage & Love itself. I am what they call a hopeless romantic. I love to  Capture the joy and romance between the couple.

with both wedding videography and Photography  it allows those moments to be preserved and remembered forever and ever. Photography allows us to freeze time and frame those precious memories while video allows us to remember the way your partner sounded like when they gasped at  the moment they first  saw you. The way the room filled with laughter  at one of the  speech givers "dad jokes." 

video truly feels like you are re-living the day again and again. I am beyond grateful that I can be able to provide you with both services. 

At both your engagement session and wedding day, we want your experience to feel like a date ... organic, romantic, and natural. We approach your wedding photography with the eye of a natural photojournalist and the creativity of a fashion and editorial photographer. Our cameras never leave our faces as my team and I document real, beautiful moments.

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My style is focused on stunning portraits, natural emotion and beautiful light. 

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Congrats you’re getting married! I am SO excited to capture the start of your happily ever after! All packages include a complimentary engagement session, 10 hours of wedding day coverage and an online gallery that displays all of your high-resolution digital images.

My goal is not only to provide my clients with beautiful photos from important moments but also to provide them with a great experience. Not comfortable in front the camera? Not sure what you should do, how you should stand? No worries, my job is to direct you, make you feel comfortable and most importantly bring out your true genuine smile.

Collection i

-Complimentary Engagement session

-10 hour coverage

-800-1000 photos

-online gallery 


-Wedding day timeline

-Photographer Assistant

-Print Release

-Second ound shooter for $350 extra 


Collection ii


-Complimentary Engagement session

-10 hour coverage

-800-1000 photos

-online gallery 

-Second shooter 

-Second Videographer shooter


-Wedding day timeline

-3-7 minute hight video 

-Full speeches / full ceremony 

-Full dances 

-Full first look







We would start the day off by capturing your wedding day details such as



-shoes, i


-flowers etc.

Then we will document your getting ready process by taking pictures/ video of you two getting ready and hanging out with bridesmaids / groomsmen. 

(hair, makeup, putting on dress/veil/shoes/) (putting on tux, shoes, and boutonnière) 


once everyone is ready we will take bridal party pictures (bride with bridesmaids/ Groom with groomsmen) 

Bridal solo portraits / groom solo portrait  followed by first looks (if you are doing them) 

If you are thinking about doing a first look we will then proceed with taking pictures of the bridal party together if not then we will take bridal party pictures after the ceremony. 


-Pictures at ceremony/reception to follow 

and of course we can not forget the family/guest pictures 

- couple solo portraits  during sunset hours for that beautiful golden hour look.

Deposit: $500


               – F.A.Q. –

Your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your lives, so it is only understandable that you would have some questions for your wedding photographer.


To help you, please find below answers to some of the most frequently  asked questions. Should a something you consider important not be on this list, I will be happy to answer any further questions anytime, for your peace of mind.

1. What is your photography style?

-I would like to say my photography style is romantic and airy. I love the true to color tones with that beautiful film like feel and vibrate colors.

2. What’s your favorite part of a wedding day, and time of year to shoot? 

My favorite part of the wedding day would have to be the ceremony and morning of wedding when everyone is getting ready. I love shooting during spring/summer but I also am a sucker for fall /winter weddings.

3. Will you be my actual photographer, or will it be one of your associates?

I will be your photographer :) however if I am not available on your wedding date upon booking I do offer associate services

4. Do you have back up photographers who will shoot the wedding if you’re sick?

Yes! I have around 20 backup photographers incase an emergency happens. (I will still edit all of your beautiful Pictures)

5. Will there be a second shooter or any assistance? Is there an additional fee for each?

Assistant yes! photographer assistant comes included in your wedding package, however there is an additional fee for a Second shooter.

6. How many hours of coverage do we get? And what is the charge for overtime?

10 hours! it is very rare we go over time but incase that does happen it is an additional $175 per hour

7. How will you coordinate with my videographer? How do you envision working together?

8. How long after the wedding do we get to see the photos?

Wedding Photography 2 Months! you will get sneak peeks in the first 2 weeks.

wedding videography takes 6 Months. Video editing is a whole different ball game than photography. we go over the footage Speeches/ Ceremony 6x

9.What type of equipment do you use to shoot and edit?

We shoot and Film with Sony cameras 

we currently have 

Sony A7iii (x2)

Sony A6500

Sony A6600

Canon 6D 

24-70mm 2.8


80mm 1.4

50mm 1.8

35mm 1.4

24mm 1.4

16mm  1.4

Editing software: Lightroom/ Photoshop/ final cut pro

10.Do you shoot both in color and black and white?

Yes! :)

11.Do you offer engagement photos?

Yes! included in the package :)

12.Do you have recommendations for scheduling the wedding day?

Yes! we will go over the timeline via text/email or call

13.How far in advance do you need the timeline and shot list?

2 weeks before wedding

Additional information 

Our cameras have Dual SD slots that allow one card to copy the other, this is important to know because incase one card corrupts there will be a backup SD card.

Once your wedding day is done, we transfer all your files to 2 hard drives (Main hard drive/backup Hard drive)and we do not format (Delete) your pictures from the SD card until your wedding day is both delivered via online gallery and USB

All SD cards / hard drives are kept safe in a fire proof box.

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